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education For unique learners and their families 


We believe every child has a unique, god-given potential to succeed.

The Jubilee School was founded to support families who have children with unique learning needs, developmental delays, or disabilities — including autism spectrum disorder. These children often struggle to learn without extra help, whether it's in the classroom or at home. Under the weight of so much responsibility, the families of these children often struggle too.

Supporting these students and families requires us to engage experts and rethink everything from curriculum to the classroom environment. At Jubilee, we work closely with parents, teachers and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to assess each child and plan their individual education around their strengths and weaknesses.


Our board is here to support you and your family:

President: Heather Lloyd

Board members:

Rod & Jeanette Olps

Faris & Merilee Paxton

Andrew Brown