Our program

Every child is unique. For some students, what makes them unique also makes it hard for them to do well with typical curriculums and classrooms. At The Jubilee School, we have the tools to understand your student and create a place for them to succeed.



The Jubilee School develops a unique program for each student based on their situation. Our experts assess your student and staff work with you and your child to create a set of goals. We select curriculum and classroom exercises targeted specifically to your student's needs. And all along, parents are kept in the loop so goals stay current and learning can continue in the home.


For Families

Would you like your child to be able to dress themselves, or would you like to be able to take them to the movies? Would you love to be able to go on a long plane trip some day? Your family goals serve as a framework that we use to make sure that we're preparing them for all of life.


For Students

We assess your student with a focus on Unlearned Skills, which are skills that many children tend to pick up naturally but are often missing in children with learning differences or difficulties. Once we know where to start, we put together a curriculum and revisit it often as your student makes progress.