Ways to Give

Covering the cost of The Jubilee School through tuition alone would make it unaffordable for most families. 100% of your donation goes directly to the classroom — the board and administrative staff are all volunteers. Please consider joining us as we support struggling families and students working hard for education and independence.


Sustainability Fund

Invest in the future of schools like The Jubilee School. 1 in 59 children under the age of 7 are now being diagnosed with Autism, and many children with learning differences also need help. The Jubilee School's long-term vision is to create a repeatable model that we can take to other communities who want to take on this important work. The Sustainability Fund helps us run our school well while the founders work to document and spread what we're learning.


Scholarship Fund

At $800 per month, our tuition doesn't cover the cost of educating a student but is still out of reach for many families. The Scholarship Fund allows us to serve all of the families and students in our community who need our help.